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Cowman Triathlon

It's been a few months since my last post. I took a couple of weeks to recover from Ironman Hamburg, before doing a local 50mile TT where I went under 2 hours for the first time (1:59:34). Immediately after that I went to Glastonbury, which I returned from feeling worse than I had done after the Ironman!

I had to take another couple of weeks to recover, before I began structured training again in the middle of July. Luckily, I had a cycling trip to the Pyrenees, so 23 hours of cycling in the heat, with some light competition up the cols, forced me back into some level of fitness. I returned from the trip motivated to take on local race and after a quick internet search found Cowman, a middle distance race, was happening a couple of weeks later.

I hadn't done much swimming since Hamburg, so I was a bit nervous of my form there. However, the legs had come out of the Pyrenees feeling really good, so I was quite keen to see how that would transfer to a race situation, and if it would have any affect on my running despite not doing much run specific training.

Swim - 00:36:50 (1:56/100m)

The lack of swimming really was really obvious and struggled to find any kind of rhythm. This was the first mass start I've done in years though, and really enjoyed it. I wish more races would go back to mass starts so that it actually is a race and not just an extended time trial.

T1 - 00:02:47

Really, really slow! Was quite chilly getting out of the water, and struggled to get my wetsuit off. It was a pretty small transition area so should really have been going under 90 seconds here.

Bike - 02:30:43 (35.4kph)

A classic British course, 2 laps on potholed roads, plenty of climbing and a good wind to keep me honest. I loved it, I'm finally coming to the realisation that the harder the bike the better for me. I held 228w normalised, and felt good stepping off into T2.

T2 - 00:02:12

A bit better, still not great. Faffing with my running shoes this time which I'd left laced up and they were too tight to squeeze onto my foot.

Run - 1:31:13 (04:16/km)

The 7th fastest run in the race, and enough to take me to 9th overall as I crossed the finish line. I was really proud of myself after this one, probably my best 70.3 run to date, and an indication that running fast in triathlon is just as much about being a strong biker as it is about doing lots of speed work in run training. The course was a lumpy one with about half of each lap being off-road on tacky mud. I'm confident I can go under 1:30 in a future 70.3 based on this.

Total Time - 4:41:34

Really quite chuffed with this one. I didn't have the perfect preparation, which in a perverse way probably worked in my favour as I didn't put any pressure on myself. I will try to approach future races in a similar manner. Next up for me is Helvellyn Triathlon, one I'm really excited for since it's a brutal bike course which suit my strengths, and a beautiful looking run which takes you on trails over Helvellyn itself. It'll probably be my last of the season so hoping to go out with a bang.

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