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Ironman Hamburg

I've been unsure how I should approach writing this blog post or if I should write one at all. For those that don't know, the driver of a race media motorcycle was killed when he collided head on with an athlete. I put everything into my training for Ironman Hamburg, but as I was told by a race marshal to walk my bike past a man being given CPR, and for the rest of the race, it was very clear to me how little any of it really matters. I'll therefore keep this post brief.

Swim - 1:17:14 (2:02min/100m)

Struggled with the cold and murkiness of the water. I need to approach the swim with more self belief, my training suggests I should have swum a lot quicker than I did here.

T1 - 7:55

A long transition zone, nearly 500m from entry to exit. The majority was spent jogging, I don't think I did too badly considering.

Bike - 5:07:00 (35kph)

Kept it well within my limits, fuelled and hydrated well. Although it was fast, I think I much prefer the variety of hillier routes, even if they are a bit slower. There was also a frustrating amount of drafting, and too many people on the course, but there is nothing I can do about that.

T2 - 6:02

Lots of jogging again but the legs felt pretty good off the bike. Cumulative time was at 6:32:10 leaving transition, so I still had an outside chance of hitting my goal time of 10 hours if I could run a 3:28 marathon.

Run - 3:39:58 (05:22min/km)

Started really strong, faded a little going through the half marathon mark and then had a really rough patch at around 25k. Threw up at 35k and felt a million dollars immediately after. I ran the final 7k in 29mins and felt like I had plenty left in the tank when I crossed the line.

Total time - 10:18:09

A big PB, but frustrating that I wasn't able to properly empty the tank. Dealing with some stomach discomfort is all part of racing this distance and the performance gave me confidence that the fitness is most definitely there, just a few final tweaks to make before I have that perfect day.

I'm taking June pretty easy, and will start my build towards the second half of the season in July before I take on the Cowman middle distance tri in early August and Helvellyn in September. I briefly toyed with the idea of trying to do another full distance race later this year but I just can't justify the cost so that will be probably be a target for 2024 now.

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